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        1. History

          •   In 1994

            Shijiazhuang handy electronic factory founded. The mainly products are double clamp digital phase meter and circuit breaker tester built-in DC power supply.

          •   In 1995

            Relay tester developed successfully.

          •   In 1996

            Contact resistance tester developed successfully.

          •   In 2000

            Transformer DC resistance tester developed successfully.

          •   In 2001

            VA1 series CT excitation characteristics analyzer developed successfully.

          •   In 2002

            QP021 series microcomputer circuit breaker analyzer developed successfully. It is a revolution for testing circuit breaker, it can analyze the velocity and travel.

          •   In 2005

            VA395, TAC 659 series microcomputer CT analyzer developed successfully.
            In 2006, TAC750 CT analyzer developed successfully.

          •   In 2006

            TAC750 CT analyzer developed successfully.

          •   In 2008

            The low frequence method CT analyzer developed successfully. This method is a great advances in CT test field. It can test transient performance (TPS, TPX, TPY, TPZ).

          •   In 2012

            The first Switchgear analyzer with digital tranducer channel developed successfully in China. The type is GKC433E. In the same year, the cabinet switchgear test system developed and first used by XD switchgear.

          •   In 2014

            The first PT inductive voltage withstand tester developed successfully, type PTG720A.

          •   In 2015

            The switchgear analyzer with dynamic resistance test launched, this quipment is suit for international market.

          •   In 2016

            The first transmission line parameter analyzer develop successful. It can withstand induction current up to 100A. It is the most minimum volume and lightest weight tester in China.

          •   In 2017

            HANDY company moved to hight-tech zone.
            At the same, the first switchgear analyzer which can connect to MES system via internet cable has been successful performed in XD factory. It can transfor the data to mess system immediately. The success of this test marks the great progress in digital information age.

          •   In 2018

            The first digital linear transducer has been successful applied on Pinggao Toshiba switchgear. The transducer can measure the travel accuracy up to 0.1mm. And it support velocity up to 20m/s. Enriched our transducer in the field of switchgear speed measurement.
            At the same year, partial discharge analyzer developed successful.

          •   In 2019

            CDF8200 series capacitance and dissipation factor tester developed successful. HANDY product will be more enriched electrical test field.
            At the same, switchgear analyze and contact resistance test ALL in One developed successful.


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